I had the wonderful opportunity to share openly about my childhood sexual abuse with Kirsten Duncan on the An Unexpected Launch podcast.

In this podcast we discussed how the abuse stopped, what my children thought about their grandfather and how it impacted their lives. I shared how I found the right therapist and the types of therapy that were most helpful to me in my journey. We closed the podcast with a powerful exercise that shifts disappointment and anger in order to change the outcome of a situation.

CLICK HERE for the full episode and show notes.

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…a powerful exercise that shifts disappointment and anger in order to change the outcome of a situation…

You can find Kirsten Duncan at www.anunexpectedlaunch.com where she discusses other stories of overcoming adversity.


  1. Michele Kosher Michele Kosher says:

    Thank you Kirsten for interviewing Cindy on this sensitive subject.
    So many emotions come to play when I listened to this Podcast!
    Such strength and determination to persevere through such a dark and unimaginable time in life!
    I feel like Cindy’s message and her experience with childhood sexual abuse can be of help to those who have gone through it. Those who have felt the trauma and dissociation of the memories, the fear, pain
    shame and horror. Not to mention the fear of the consequences once the secret is out.
    Her book will provide those with understanding, support, acceptance and healing that they so need and deserve!
    No more darkness to an already dark and sinister act!!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Michele for your kind words of encouragement and for listening to the podcast. It is also my hope that sharing my story will bring healing and hope to others.

  2. susan kropp susan kropp says:

    Very honest and unsettling account of childhood sexual abuse and the long journey to recovery.

    1. Thank you Susan for taking the time to stop here to listen and read. I’m grateful for your support.

  3. Dana Frank Dana Frank says:

    Listened to the podcast and I’m so blown away by your calm candor. As we are of the same generation, I kept thinking of you saying playing kickball and then what you had to face as a child. Such innocence yet bravery. I understand your words of feeling shame for sins that were not yours to own. You are so very blessed with a beautiful family and that you were able to break the cycle is the greatest gift for you all.

    1. Thank you Dana for your support. Yes, there is so much power and freedom in breaking the cycle!

  4. Gayle Khaled Gayle Khaled says:

    Your story is profoundly empowering. I am certain that your brave and open discussion will empower the multitude of women who suffer in silence – reminding them that they are not alone, and that there is a way out of their pain. Whenever i see someone in crisis now, i remember your story, and immediately a deep sense of peace floods my body. Because, you are a shining reminder that humans can heal from even the most brutal of events and emerge as loving, thriving human beings. Thank you for bearing your soul, on this most sensitive of subjects, in order to help others find their way home.

    1. Thank you Gayle for such encouraging words. You said it perfectly. It is my hope that my story can help others find their way home.

  5. I honestly have never seen anything like your videos before in my life. They are deeply chilling and eye opening. You are incredibly brave, and altruistic, recording and sharing these videos so that others can learn from your excruciating experience

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