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Behind the accomplished author, speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and advocate is a sexual abuse victim that is passionate about bringing awareness to the impact of sexual trauma through meaningful conversations and system-changing discussions. Known for her strength and compassion, Cindy bravely faces the sensitive topic with courage and resilience, having a deep and personal understanding of how sexual abuse affects every aspect of a person’s life and a genuine care for those who have walked a similar path. She is well versed on and speaks to the many different avenues for healing from trauma since she  put in years of therapy and uncovered countless self-help techniques.

Her charge is to break the chains of trauma while also breaking the cycle it can create. Her hope is to reveal the truth as well as the path to forgiveness, healing and freedom.

Cindy’s Story

“It’s as if I see spliced-together film footage of things that really happened.” – Cindy Benezra, Under the Orange Blossoms

Not all dreams are sweet and built from lullabies. Many of Cindy’s were filled with nightmares. As a teenager, the terror began. In the shadows of a shared bedroom with her sister, she would question if the scenes she fearfully awoke from were fact or fiction. The blurred line between dream and reality left her perplexed, confused and desperate for truth. Unfortunately, the truth she uncovered left her with even more questions.

“Forgiveness and acceptance are the only path forward.” – Cindy Benezra, Under the Orange Blossoms

Through her journey, Cindy uncovered that she can let go of stored pain and trauma through the toughest and most honest conversations. And, healing is only possible when you choose it for yourselves. Forgiveness has layers and forgiving another person has layers too. There isn’t a path around pain; the only healing path is through and it requires forgiveness and acceptance for momentum to occur.

“One does not have to scream the loudest to have a voice. Sometimes quiet winds move mountains.” Cindy Benezra, Under the Orange Blossoms

Cindy chronicles her personal story through her memoir, Under the Orange Blossoms, where she shares how she found healing at different stages of life. She is living proof that we do not have to take on the role of victim unless we allow ourselves to. You can create the outcome you choose. Nothing can be taken unless we allow it. Her story is one of hope… of finding your way out of the darkness and into the light.

“It is never easy, but the more I share, the more I shed pieces of the trauma.” – Cindy Benezra, Under the Orange Blossoms

Cindy’s dreams offered fragmented glimpses that, over time, she couldn’t overlook or hide from anymore. Through them she was transported back to the young 5-year-old version of herself in the middle of the night that was the basis of her nightmares; the beginnings of the sexual abuse she endured for years from her father. The beginnings of her childhood trauma, they weren’t her last. Cindy experienced other unfortunate circumstances that had the power to immobilize her. But despite the hardship, she chose to trade victim for advocate and has since used her voice to help the voiceless.

“There is something powerful in being heard.” – Cindy Benezra, Under the Orange Blossoms

Cindy offers healing through telling of her own story as inspiration. There is strength in unity and power in connectedness. As founder of CindyTalks™, a platform where she shares healing tools and stories of hope for other trauma survivors, she empowers other trauma victims to share their stories and experience the healing power of being heard too. Her story reaches a wide audience as she discusses many forms of trauma related to abuse, divorce, suicide, sickness and death.

Cindy’s story hits home…

striking a deeply personal chord, as her father was the perpetrator of her sexual abuse. In her unwavering commitment to shed light on the profound impact of such abuse and to provide invaluable perspectives for individuals seeking to break the cycle, Cindy courageously engages in three vulnerable video interviews with her father on this harrowing topic. Through these interviews, she strives to raise awareness, foster understanding, and offer profound insights into the dynamics of sexual abuse and its far-reaching consequences. It is an act of immense bravery and a testament to her unwavering dedication to creating change and healing for others affected by similar circumstances.

Sexual Offender Breaks Down in Front of Victim

Sexual Offender Explains His Perspective

Father Admits to Being a Repeat Sexual Offender

Under the Orange Blossoms

Bravery and strength can grow from challenge and trauma. They did for Cindy, and she shares her journey to find the courage to embrace them through trials of childhood abuse, divorce, raising a child with special needs, and caring for an elderly parent—her abuser. Whether you are a survivor of abuse, are currently facing a traumatic event or are looking for an inspirational story, Cindy’s honest account of her own journey also offers practical, self-help tools for readers to embrace no matter their trauma or their path toward healing.

Cindy’s Favorites

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Self-Healing Technique:

Sticky Note Mantras

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Jo Malone “Orange Blossom”


“Choose the memories you want to keep.”

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Good skincare and exercise

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Meditation & visionary work

Media Appearances

Cindy is active in her community, supporting foundations locally and globally that align with her values and mission.