The path may appear unbearable, but others walk it too and are there to walk with you.

The path may appear unbearable, but others walk it too and are there to walk with you.

Alone is never a requirement.

The tunnel may be dark; each step through overwhelming. But light is ahead, hope is on the horizon and a compassionate hand is being offered to guide you through.

Concealed behind filters and facades lie the untold truths we silently carry. Regardless of origin—unspeakable events, tragic circumstances or overwhelming experiences—all can inflict the heavy weight of guilt, shame, anger and fear upon us. Moving forward feels impossible. Yet, amidst the seemingly unreachable horizon is a glimmer of hope: healing awaits.

Trauma shows no bias, touching the lives of all. Its impact may vary, but no one is immune. However, within its grip lies potential for resilience. Breaking through its chains is where lives are reclaimed. In the face of trauma, Cindy Benezra stands as a testament that healing is possible even amidst the darkest storms.

“Cindy is living proof that you are not your abuse, trauma, or story. It’s what happened to you, but it doesn’t define you.” – Angela Schellenberg, Writer, Speaker and Mental Health Trauma Therapist, LMHCA
Angela Schellenberg
Writer, Speaker and Mental Health Trauma Therapist, LMHCA

Cindy Benezra

Cindy’s life is no stranger to trauma; it has seemingly weaved its way into every path she has traversed. Her journey has been unbearably rocky, victim to sexual abuse, domestic violence and other traumas. Yet, despite the daunting hurdles she’s encountered, hope, healing and forgiveness has become her inner foundation, offering a new way forward for her and others impacted by trauma as well. The missing tools she sought at a young age have become her life’s mission today, where she offers necessary resources for those looking for a hand to help loosen trauma’s grip. She has become the helping hand she had once longed for, when hope seemed out of reach. Although she can’t change her past, she is determined to positively shape the future.

Cindy’s on a mission:

to bring awareness of the effects of sexual abuse and offer hope to those who have endured its impact. Through powerful keynote addresses, impactful speaking engagements and strategic collaborations with mission-driven organizations, she inspires healing dialogue on challenging and overlooked topics and is a catalyst for change, advocating for policy reforms, improved support systems and increased awareness of trauma-related issues.

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Stories don’t define us; instead, they unite us.

Orange orchards became Cindy’s sanctuary amidst the chaos of her tumultuous childhood. In times of distress, she would run to her orange trees, finding solace and refuge in the citrus-scented aromas. There, she could nearly taste freedom. Even today, a mere whiff of an orange’s aroma transports her back to those momentary reprieves from the trauma that haunted her.

Under the Orange Blossoms is her honest memoir uncovering the cycles trauma can create and the healing found then hope is embraced. Stories matter and endings can always be rewritten. But it’s in sharing our stories where change is possible, forgiveness is uncovered and new narratives are drafted.