Summer is the perfect time to strengthen family relationships by enjoying quality moments together. However, finding activities that cater to different age groups, balancing work schedules, and managing expenses can be challenging. To help, we’ve compiled a list of engaging activities designed to bring families closer while addressing these common challenges.

Plan a Family Picnic

Whether it’s at a local park or the beach, a family picnic is a timeless way to enjoy each other’s company. Pack a basket with everyone’s favorite snacks, bring along a blanket, and spend the day playing games, sharing stories, and soaking up the sun. This simple outing can create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds.

Here are two of my favorite picnic must-haves:

Organize a Family Game Night

Bring out the board games or head outdoors for a game of capture the flag or a scavenger hunt. A family game night encourages teamwork, laughter, and friendly competition. It’s a great way to get everyone involved, regardless of age.

Schedule a Family Movie Marathon

Turn your living room into a cozy theater and schedule a family movie marathon. Choose a mix of everyone’s favorite films and prepare homemade popcorn and snacks. This relaxing activity can lead to shared laughter and discussions, making it a fun way to connect.

My favorite way to prepare homemade popcorn is the old-fashioned way. I use a regular pot, olive oil, and organic popcorn seeds, and I round everyone up for the show.

Cook Together

Cooking a meal together offers a chance for family members to collaborate and share culinary skills. Try out new recipes or create a themed dinner night where everyone contributes. This hands-on activity can lead to meaningful conversations and a delicious meal to enjoy together.I really like the online subscription to Epicurious. It includes brand name recipes like Bon Appetite and more. It gives entire menu ideas and very easy to follow and save recipes.

Engage in Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or camping promote teamwork and shared experiences. These adventures not only provide exercise but also create opportunities for family members to support and encourage one another, strengthening relationships in the process.

My must-haves for any outdoor activity are good organic bug repellent and citronella candles for outdoor gatherings. The outdoors is so much better when the bugs and mosquitos leave you alone.

Another way to keep bugs away is to triple-fold foil and then put coal on top of it, or put the foil on the grill after dinner. Place sage and sweet grass on top to create smoke. The smell of the smoke keeps bugs away. Let the smoke come out to keep flys or bugs away. They do not like the smell, and smoke keeps most bugs away. 

I fold the foil in half and try to make a portion of it into a funnel to let the smoke out over the table. 

Or you can be a normal person and buy mosquito coils, but they don’t keep the bees and flies away!

Commit to Weekly Family Outings

Make it a tradition to have weekly family outings. Visiting museums, going to the zoo, or attending local events can be both educational and entertaining. These outings can create a sense of anticipation and provide diverse experiences that cater to all family members.

Start a Family Book Club

Encourage intellectual discussions by starting a family book club. Choose a book that everyone can enjoy and set a deadline for reading. At the end of the week, gather to discuss the book’s themes, characters, and plot. This activity fosters communication and critical thinking.

Volunteer Together

Volunteering for a local charity or community event can instill a sense of shared purpose and accomplishment. Working together to help others strengthens family relationships and teaches valuable life lessons about empathy and community service.

Overcoming Common Challenges

Now, you may have a few ideas to implement, but the implementation part may feel challenging. Let’s address some of these challenges so that you can prepare for them in advance and know how to respond. 

Finding Activities for Different Age Groups

To cater to various age groups, choose activities that offer something for everyone. For instance, a trip to the zoo provides entertainment for young children while also engaging older family members with informative exhibits.

Balancing Schedules

Plan activities in advance and communicate with all family members to find times that suit everyone’s schedules. Flexibility is key—consider weekday evenings or weekends to accommodate work commitments.

Dealing with Weather Conditions

Have a mix of indoor and outdoor activities planned to accommodate unpredictable weather. For instance, if a planned hike gets rained out, have a backup plan, like visiting a museum or organizing an indoor game night.

Limiting Screen Time

Encourage engaging, hands-on activities that naturally limit screen time. Be present and actively participate in family activities to model behavior that prioritizes real-life interactions over digital distractions.

Managing Expenses

Not all family activities need to be costly. Many enjoyable activities, such as hiking, picnicking, or visiting a local park, are free or low-cost. Plan a mix of budget-friendly outings to keep costs manageable.

Navigating Preferences and Conflicts

Open communication is essential. Involve all family members in planning activities and encourage everyone to share their preferences. Compromise and rotate activities to ensure everyone’s interests are considered.

Bonding with Older Adult Children

Bonding with older adult children who may not live at home or are only returning for the summer can be particularly challenging. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Plan Inclusive Activities: Choose activities that cater to the interests and preferences of older adult children. This could include attending a concert, exploring a new restaurant, or taking part in a hobby they love.
  • Use Technology: Leverage technology to stay connected. Schedule regular video calls or start a family group chat to share daily updates, photos, and messages.
  • Schedule Visits: Coordinate schedules to plan visits that work for everyone. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a simple dinner, these visits can help maintain and strengthen family relationships.

Create New Traditions: Establish new family traditions that include older adult children. This could be an annual family trip, a holiday celebration, or a monthly game night.


Strengthening family relationships this summer is about creating opportunities for quality time and meaningful interactions. By engaging in diverse activities that cater to all ages, balancing schedules, and overcoming common challenges, you can foster a deeper connection with your loved ones and make this summer unforgettable!

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