I was so inspired by this story I heard on the news this morning. There are everyday heroes locally and globally who are speaking up against sexual assault. These voices are not just personal stories, but they speak for the voiceless. These stories show how far many have come, but also, how far we have to go!

I’m wearing a blue ribbon to support Brisa De Angulo in her efforts to continue to change the legal policy of sexual abuse in Bolivia. Her courage, strength, and vision is moving! Bolivia even declared a National Day Against Sexual Violence in partnership with Brisa’s efforts to bring awareness to the issue.

Brisa, I’m marching in spirit alongside you, my sister!

If you’d like to get more involved in A Breeze of Hope Foundation, visit their web site hereRead the full CNN story here.


    1. Brisa, I’m thrilled to hear from you and to support the amazing work you are doing. You are an inspiration to so many.

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